Youth Housing Awareness Policy

On June 2nd 2020, The UAE Cabinet approved the Youth Housing Awareness Policy, a policy that aims to raise youth awareness and provide them with a host of information on the various phases of housing construction.

The policy requires all young applicants (18 to 35) to complete a training course on the foundations of housing construction as a main requirement  to apply for housing assistance at the local and federal level in the UAE.


The Federal Youth Authority developed a “Housing 101” course, an essential reference for future homeowners. The course is a single source for reliable instructions that aims to raise youth awareness on the different “how-to’s” related to building a house – from concept to finishing touches.

The policy’s objectives is to provide all the necessary information on how to apply for housing grants and loans from relevant authorities, as well as on related eligibility criteria and other necessary information.

It also aims to educate youth about available national housing programs and facilitate the construction of houses in general, as well as brief them on modern construction techniques to ensure the availability of quality properties and avoid delays to housing projects.


  • Raising the awareness of youth on housing programs in the UAE and the Federal and local level
  • Facilitating the construction process in general
  • Increasing the efficiency of housing assistance disbursement
  • Facilitating the process of obtaining the approvals of the concerned authorities
  • Increasing youth negotiating skills
  • Contributing to the reduction of construction costs
  • Avoiding delays in the implementation of the construction project