Policies to Create HOPE, LIFE & FUTURE


The Emirates Youth Council focuses on developing youth policies that are aligned with the future direction and vision of the United Arab Emirates. The council designs the necessary policies and initiatives to overcome challenges faced by youth and to stimulate youth's positive engagement in the society through identifying their opinions and views on the most important issues.

Government Policy

Government policies are the priorities for action. The laws and regulatory measures issued by the government for the public benefit to provide solutions to existing challenges. The impact of these policies is measured by their effectiveness and the level of usefulness offered to the sector or the targeted population.

Youth Policy

The Youth, who constitute the largest segment of the UAE population, require measured and effective policies to influence their future positively. The Emirates Youth Council actively engage with youth through different means such as field visits, surveys, studies, and youth circles to identify the attitudes and opinions of youth on the most pressing challenges, and to propose appropriate solutions and policies.

Youth Engagement Policy

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, launched the Youth Engagement Policy during the Youth Retreat 2016. This is the most dynamic and inclusive policy in the world, which focuses on youth engagement through creating a positive environment to activate the role of youth in achieving their aspirations, and realize their full potential.

The Policy includes a number of initiatives that will respond to the rapid changes and future requirements.

Reviewing Youth Policies

The Emirates Youth Council will review all policies impacting youth, and will ensure their voice is heard and their views are incorporated in the policies.

Youth Media Plans

Youth will be included in all the country’s government entities media plans.

The National Youth Data Unit

The unit gathers, organizes and analyzes all youth related data to support decision-making process. The National Youth Data Unit provides open data on youth for research, policy-making, and other purposes.

Youth in the Surveys and Polls

Youth will be included in all government surveys.

Interactive Platform for Youth and the UAE Government

Youth will be effectively linked with the UAE government to overcome various challenges and to utilize the latest collective participation techniques in achieving the Government agenda.

Local Youth Councils

Local Youth Councils are representative and executive arms of youth in every Emirate across the UAE. The Councils work on various projects and initiatives related to youth and ensure sustainable engagement with youth in each Emirate.

Ministerial Youth Councils

The Ministerial Youth Councils focus on activating the role of youth and supporting their engagement in ministries.

Global Youth Councils

The Global Youth Councils transfer best practices and knowledge from around the world to the United Arab Emirates. The councils also aim to promote cultural exchange and participation abroad.

Corporate Youth Councils

These Councils are representative arms of youth across the UAE’s private and public sector enterprises. The Councils seek to reinforce the role of youth and make use of their opinions, outputs and talents, and connect them with the leadership of enterprises

Policy Monitoring

Emirates Youth Council works in coordination with various government entities to monitor the key performance indicators and measure the impact of the policies and initiatives on youth.